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Top notch customer service puts us on the cutting edge!
Serving the Boise area since 2009, Bill's Blades provides expert sharpening services on site in your restaurant or home!  Contact us today using the form below to set up your appointment!
    Sharpening Parties!

Host a Sharpening Party,
  and for every 5 items your
    friends and family bring to
      have sharpened...
YOU get one of yours
sharpened for FREE!
Bill's Blades Sharpening Service
Bill Adams - The Knife Guy!
Boise, Idaho, USA

Credit and debit cards gladly accepted in person via PayPal Here!
We do lawnmower blades and other garden tools!

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Hours of Operation:
7 days a week: Hours vary* (excluding holidays)

* service calls, drop-off, and pick-up before 8 am or after 7 pm may be subject to a $15 convenience fee.
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